Why Choose Alpha and Omega?

What is The “Ideal” Bible Course

The ideal Bible course should meet three specifications:

  • It must be Biblically true, doctrinally sound, spiritually rich, very understandable, and useful in your daily life.
  • It should be inexpensive, affordable, and within the reach of everyone.
  • It should not be too time consuming, too much of an inconvenience upon one’s busy schedule, and free from boring “busy work” requiring unnecessary toil and hassle.

The Holy Bible should be the Supreme Text Book of every Bible School and the steadfast criteria for judging all doctrine, practice, and experience.

Therefore, The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute has put meticulous care into its courses to make sure every statement lines up with the Word of God. Each course is a well-organized body of knowledge about God, man, the Christian life, and the ministry. They are spiritually inspiring and academically excellent, yet simply expressed and readable.


We Care About Our Students

The administration and staff of The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute are concerned about each of our students, and sincerely care about their needs. We stand ready to assist you in attaining your future goals; and we are committed to providing personal attention and encouragement. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to talk to us after class, call or E-Mail us.



Some schools are such sticklers about their many rules and regulations. By doing this, they do a disservice to the Body of Christ, which is why some of them eventually become defunct. But The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute does not wish to be so rigid in dealing with individual student circumstances. If there’s something we can work with you on, let us know how we can accommodate you. If you have a unique situation, perhaps we can find a creative solution. For instance, if you are home bound, we may be able to do one on one teaching if it is possible in our schedule.


Inter-Fellowship and Cooperation

The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute believes in fellowship with all members of the Body of Christ. We seek to cooperate with all local churches that stand upon the uncompromised Word of God; and to work with all other Christian organizations.