Prospective Students

The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute is a place for all of God’s creation.

We are deeply committed to providing quality Bible programs for a wide range of students that range from members of clergy to lay Christian workers and even those that have just recently accepted Christ.

Our courses are for Christians who wish to learn how to integrate Biblical principles into their daily lives, homes, and businesses – those who want to be a better witness for the Lord, and to effectively participate in their local Church, community, and country. These courses are a little more than Bible Study and a little less than Seminary Training. It is for the person that wants to serve one another for the Lord’s sake.

The courses provided by The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute  will help to enrich your personal relationship with God, enhance your knowledge of His Word, work and will, and to equip you for local and global ministry.

We hope you will join us in our mission. Thank you for your interest in our institute.