Greetings From The Chancellor

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

Welcome to The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute a place for all of God’s creation.

Thank you for your interest in our school. We trust that you have reached the site  by Divine Providence and could be the KEY to greater opportunities in your life. If God has placed a desire in your heart for a Christian Education and/or Christian enrichment, then we encourage you to carefully read and prayerfully examine the contents of this site.

The most important things in your life are:

  • your soul’s salvation,
  • your choice of life companion
  • and then your career.

Relating directly to that is selecting the school that best suits you in preparation for a fruitful Christian life and /or an effective ministry. . It may take some time to examine the contents of this site it, but we think you will find it both interesting and informative. Then as you pray for God’s will to be revealed, if He should prompt you to become a student of The Alpha and Omega Bible Study Institute, we will be happy to receive you.

We are a no-denominational school and The Holy Bible is our supreme textbook.

Your Servant in Christ,

Dr. Carolyn L. Johnson, Founder